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1. James R. Gregory - February 5, 2009

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your kind words. Why don’t you send me an email I’d be pleased to offer whatever advice might be appropriate. My direct email address is: jgregory@corebrand.com.

Best regards,
Jim Gregory, CEO

Richard Shatto - February 5, 2009

Hi Jim,

I’m honoured to have you respond to my blog post, thank you. Though kind from your perspective, my words were meant to convey a meaningful and helpful concept. I hope they did.

I am amazed at the way Web 2.0 adoption is morphing the way business is beginning to communicate. For example, while I am flattered to have you email me, I’m at the same time, not entirely surprised. We are entering a new business and communications paradigm. How do we best harness this? The new generation just does it. But, how do we in business make an appropriate strategy of it? We have to understand it first. It’s something I’m currently on a concerted tear to learn. You are a gratifying part of that.

You’ve offered to give me “appropriate advice.” I’m going to assume this is not just a platitude of thanks so here’s something I’d really appreciate.

I have a blog post I’d like your honest and credible comment on. It’s what I’ve called Who Squares What. I appreciate advice first on the soundness the idea itself (or is it really more a bit of philosophical prattle? Please be honest.) and, if it is a legitimate idea, then what would I do with it… if you I were you?

Thank you for your thoughts over the years. I look forward to continued learning.


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