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Dog paints picture to help Austrialian friends February 22, 2009

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Sparky in his studio

Sparky in his studio

This is Sparky Barky, an artist, a writer and an actor.

Last week Sparky was struck with an idea to offer up one of his original paintings for a charity auction on eBay… with the proceeds going to four-legged victims of Australia’s fires.

Sparky’s Blog 
Sparky’s YouTube Channel 
Sparky’s eBay Painting

The painting, an acrylic on paper, was done in his studio in British Columbia Canada. Sparky is genuinely excited about the potential to do his part in raising some support help his fellow four-legged friends and their humans, who have suffered enormous loses.

A writer in the social media sphere, Sparky has been pawing a dog blog on BlogSpot (he immediately took to that name) for two or three years. He is also a budding YouTube star, with a channel following that grows daily. 

Sparky thanks everyone for their interest in his cause and hopes that you`ll cliek through to his eBay page to place a bid for his painting. The winner will get a signed copy, and ALL proceeds will go to the charitable cause. 

If you`d like to know more about Sparky and his human, please click through to his blog for a quick read, or watch a video or two. 

And again, if you feeling a little philanthropic, he and his friends would be more than grateful. You`ll be getting an honest-to-goodness SparkyBarky original… a once in a lifetime experience. 

Sparky would also like you to forward this to anyone (young or old, canine, human – even feline) who might have an interest.

Again those links are:

I`ve agreed to help Sparky out a bit. I`ll be  monitoring the hits and links for the next few days and I’m also going to send out a few  Twitters. I hope you`ll share this as well. 



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