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wordstorms sent you a link September 8, 2009

Posted by Richard Shatto in Marketing Strategy.

Hey there!

wordstorms sent you a link:

“"In the next few weeks I will be posting information about Google Wave. I consider this to be the most important application since Google itself, but I believe it will even eclipse that. Here is why: First, because Google is now so well known it will be adopted almost instantly. Second, because it culminates and focuses on one blockbuster application so many of the important features of the social media movement of today. Third, because business has been looking for an application that can bring together a collaborative tool that makes sense for how we do business and use the internet. Fourth, because of the movement towards SaaS and the steadily progressive movement toward adopting and actually doing things in The Cloud. And, finally because as most things Google, it is relatively simple to use. This post is information from Mashable, who have been cataloging information about The Wave since the beginning. This provides much information about the basics and will link you to much more. Richard Shatto"”

Google Wave: A Complete Guide
(link goes to Mashable)

wordstorms, using Meebo

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Meebo lets you IM with friends from any IM network (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Gmail, Facebook Chat, MySpaceIM, and more), right from your browser.

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