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About Richard Shatto

A Business Journey: A marketing executive experienced in marketing, sales and public campaigns, I have worked with a range of business executives, from Fortune 500 companies to owners of single proprietorships. Sales and marketing is the foundation of my career experience. 

Simple Beginnings: Born to a small town preacher and automotive mechanic in Longview, Alberta, it was home to the Eden Valley Indian Reserve, farmers, big ranchers, oil men, hundreds of bobbing oil well pumps and thousands of gophers. Later a short-lived move to Seattle, WA where my father was attending Seattle Pacific College, I contracted Rheumatic Fever and was soon back in Calgary AB (Canada had socialized medicine, far more affordable for a poor country preacher), where I spent 6 months recuperating and dreaming up ways to become a millionaire and join Captain James T. Kirk on the Starship Enterprise. Entrepreneurial from an early age, I spent some years curbing used cars making enough money to buy clothes, take out girls and save money to attend a private college in Los Angeles, California.

Excellence in Education: I attended BIOLA University in Southern California, a private school with a reputation for excellent academics while maintaining theological integrity. I graduated with a grand theoretical sense of Marketing expertise, mixed with a s omewhat ambiguous sense of helping mankind deal it’s alienation from self and God.  

Long Career Journey: After college, I joined The Red Brick Warehouse, a small chain of 3 furniture and electronics stores. I had hired with The Brick to learn and develop my sales and sales management skills, and what an experience it was! Five years later, exploded to 40 stores, Fortune Magazine called it the fastest growing and most innovative furniture retailer in North America and due to innovative business, marketing and sales techniques, it was also one of the most profitable. 

First Business Venture: I next made a risky move to Malibu California to help a friend, a lawyer begin a small business, using the first personal business computer IBM made, pre-Windows, this amazing machine sported dual floppy drives, a massive 640K memory and a DOS operating system and word processing program made by a software company called Microsoft. With this bit of computing  and database wizardry, we were going to revolutionize the way graduate students performed their job hunts. 

It was a colossal failure. 

But, I learned one of my most valuable street-level business lessons; do your Market Research. My friend and I parted ways, me returning to Canada because of an expired Visa, and he to leverage our database experience into one of the most successful legal firms in California, rendering our failed business experiment not entirely bereft of value. 

Sales Training par Excellence: Next I joined Benndorf Verster, an exceptionally successful business equipment dealer in Western Canada, soon to be purchased by ALCO Standard, a stock company based in South Carolina. Here, I was in direct sales and received some of the best sales training available including Xerox’ famous sales methodology, and Braithwaite’s SPIN training. At Benndorf, I advanced to specialize on colour imaging equipment and was instrumental in developing a sale for what was Canon Canada’s largest single sale of equipment to date to a national blueprint and imaging company.

A new focus: Next I joined Pro-Fund, a small private financial services company, to become an independent financial broker. Unfortunately timing was less than perfect, as this small company was soon after sold twice in quick succession to large national financial services companies on the other side of the country. These companies soon applied new legal compliance procedures and systems but forgot to include the necessary support to the small Pro-Fund branches. The result was turmoil and a decision to remove myself from the financial services industry, just in time to avoid the stock market bubble meltdown that came shortly after Alan Greenspan’s famous “…irrational market exuberance…” quote. 

Executive and Strategic Breakthrough: Pacific East Research provided a great deal of valuable career experience and my entry into executive strategy. My functions there progressed from VP and C-level executive sales, to director of marketing and strategic planning. In this role, I had opportunity to create new strategic partnerships, develop new and negotiate existing vendor alliances as well as plan and implement full marketing strategies. Here I learned cutting edge web-services and systems including the development implementation of various CRM, ERP and CMS systems for our own company as well as technical bridging systems and web services API’s that connected with other company’s core operating systems. I was also able to develop and implement strategies for new product development, working directly with computer programmers and Directors of Operations to design new systems to better meet the changing needs of customers whose computer systems were quickly changing the way they did business and exchanged business data. I was involved in the design and creation of new API’s using the latest XML and SOAP programming technologies, at the time when these technologies were just emerging and are now the basis for RSS and the new Web 2.0 systems. These were heady days working with executives and system developers at such companies as Qsent Inc, TransUnion, Experian, InfoUSA, Polk Data, Dun & Bradstreet, and providing system and data solutions to such customers as Reader’s Digest Association, Dial America, Alliance Financial Recoveries, and many more. 

Recent Opportunities: In 2005, I started to establish the trade name, Wordstorm Communications, with the intention of beginning a business writing agency to help small and medium sized businesses develop content and content strategies.

Within weeks I was approached by a friend and colleague to run the Production Department for a busy Rally Creative, a busy design studio. I did this for a year and then my young, well trained and equipped assistant took over and has been doing a spectacular job of running the show to this day.

I then joined a Business and Marketing consultancy that allowed me to work with numerous business management teams to develop and implement new strategies.

To find out more about working directly with me either as a strategic partner or as a client, contact me at the phone number or email address below. 

Richard Shatto | 604.807.6334 | richardds@telus.com



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