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HubSpot’s Brian Halligan on Blog Analytics February 11, 2009

Posted by Richard Shatto in Blogs.
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WordPress and BlogSpot Fall Short .

Today, I was having an exchange with Dennis Schiraldi, a Linkedin connection and he sent me a link to HubSpot. Now, being a marketer, you’d  suppose that not knowing about this HubSpot, I must have been completely comatose for a while. But, there you go… it was indeed new to me. Not any more. After pouring over the site, for  what must have been 90 minutes or more (I lose track of time when I’m having fun), I came across this blog. 

Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder of HubSpot recently wrote the blog named How Blogs Fall Short. It’s about shortcomings of the major blog engines like WordPress, the one I use, for business users. 

 He expresses 3 issues:

  1. Blog engine analytics only give you the “attraction side” of the prospect to customer (revenue) equation, not the conversion side.  
  2. Blog engines make it difficult to properly brand the blog for the business. It also frustrates the corporate website metrics by the blog’s naming conventions. 
  3. Blog engines do not provide the conversion tools to properly qualify the newly attracted prospects. 

Brian may be correct in his analysis.

He asked for a comment on the blog, and as I’m a new blogger, still feeling my way around, poking at the various tools and widgets available for WordPress, I’m not sure I can adequately comment, except to say it does seem these various widgets/tools do provide, or are trying to provide the analytics it question.

Brian, perhaps if you have a solution(s), you’d like to share them. I’m sure there are many of us willing to listen.

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