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Expert Advice on Web 2.0 Content Marketing February 7, 2009

Posted by Richard Shatto in Business Strategy, Innovative Strategies.
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Earlier this week, I read an article by Wendy Goeckel, which helped me. She did so with no expectation of a payoff. She simply offered advice about a market I’m not as familiar with. And, it is advice I can act on. It has real value to me and my clients.

But, was there a payoff for her? I think so.

She positioned herself as an expert I wanted to learn more about and I immediately went to her Linkedin profile. She also positioned her company, because in turn, I followed links back to her company website which offers more value advice.

Is Wendy becoming an expert in my mind? Absolutely.  

Here’s a link to the Linkedin question Wendy graciously answered for me.

Here’s a link to Wendy’s public Linkedin Profile.

And, here’s the link to Wendy’s original article.

If you’d like advice this subjects and many more. I’m sure Wendy and her company won’t mind if you give them a call.  

Thanks Wendy, keep up the thought leadership.