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Twitter is Turning into a Junkyard May 12, 2009

Posted by Richard Shatto in Social Media, Twitter.
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An Important Message to Twitter

My trouble with TWITTER is that it’s becoming abundantly clear as a social media plaform, Twitter is becoming less a place to have conversations and more a junkyard of “endless offers to richness”.

The past couple of weeks, roughly 75% of my of my new Twitter followers are these kind folks who want to teach me how to make millions. Guys, it’s getting ridiculous. 

Twitter guys, you’re oxidizing fast. It’s getting way too cluttered. Unless your developers can come up with a way to cut down on this endless stream of “experts”, I predict Twitter is going to lose its luster just about as quick as it gained it. 

You need to create some rules of engagement, or create a filter to reduce some of the noise. It’s becoming a real nuisance and getting less and less worth my time to engage using Twitter.


Stop Following Me! May 12, 2009

Posted by Richard Shatto in Social Media, Twitter.
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Hey you hordes of  “Expert Affiliate Marketers” and “Get-Rich-My-Way Gurus”…


Do you really expect me to believe that not only have you reached untold riches yourself, but that you also “know” the secret way to unlock multiple millions for me? Really!

Is your copycat-marketing really so good, that thousands of you can be doing exactly the same thing and making millions?

And, “What’s up with you people? Everyone of you looks and sounds exactly the same!” 

The same center alignment.

The same big colourful headlines.

The same short paragraphs and “breathless” language.

I mean, if you are such great marketers, why don’t you know one of the first tenets of marketing and differentiate yourself?  

So please, please affiliate gurus, stop following me. 


YEO – Why Twitter Follower Counts Mean Nothing April 22, 2009

Posted by Richard Shatto in Twitter.
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Jeff Turner of the Social Media Marketing Institute is one of the most salient voices on the topic of Twitter. If you dislike unfettered following and followers, then read this blog from Jeff (@smmi) to understand some of what is going on with the Twitter craziness.

In this post, Jeff does an experiment to recreate a full blown “automated Twitter Follow” campaign similar to what hoards of “network and affiliate marketers” constantly espouse, with amazing results.

Jeff lays it all out exactly how he did it, what tools he used and the results. Comments to his experiment were also interesting.

Worth a read, if you’ve got questions about Twitter.

YEO – Why Twitter Follower Counts Mean Nothing – Social Media Marketing Institute Blog – Social Media Marketing Institute.